Three Must-Have Features for Any Outdoor Kitchen

Just about any household across the country can benefit from installing an outdoor kitchen, but Orlando residents have the unique benefit of being able to make use of this extra space year-round. The frequency with which most homeowners use their orlando outdoor kitchen fixtures makes it extremely important to purchase quality equipment and fixtures and to give some extra thought to kitchen design, as this will ensure maximum utility and comfort. Read on to find a few tips to help homeowners get started designing their kitchens below.

The Right Grill

The grill is the most essential component of any outdoor kitchen, as it will likely be the most frequently used fixture in the area. Before thinking about all the bells and whistles, give some thought to space and intended use. Families who plan on using their space for casual get-togethers and family meals will likely find that a smaller grill will get the job done just fine, but those who plan on hosting serious parties may want to go with larger models that will accommodate a higher volume of food.

The Right Bar

While grills tend to receive most of the attention as far as practical fixtures go, bars are just as important when it comes to establishing a fun, festive ambiance. Look for comfortable seating and the ability to accessorize when looking for a bar, as this area will likely be where guests will spend most of their time. Those looking for a little bit of extra luxury may want to consider purchasing a bar that includes a built-in wine/liquor cabinet or even has an entertainment system built into it to keep guests occupied while meals are being prepared.

Adequate Division of Space

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to prep a meal while guests crowd the area looking to socialize, so try to establish different areas of the kitchen that serve distinct functions. Every orlando outdoor kitchen should include plenty of counter space, including at least a foot of workspace on each side of the grill. Seating for guests should be located far enough away from this prep area to allow outdoor cooks and grill-masters the space they need to work efficiently without guests getting in the way.


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